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Summertime Coffee: Tips for Making Cold Brew Coffee

Aly Curtis

cold brew blend ashley

At Utopian, we are always striving to generate new ways for our customers to connect with coffee, and this year we decided to create an awesome new blend to highlight one of our favorite coffee drinks: Cold Brew.

Cold brew is a method for brewing coffee that produces a smooth and refreshing cup of coffee totally ready to drink on a balmy, summer day! Similar to making a French Press, cold brew utilizes a full-immersion method, which means the coffee grounds will be completely saturated in water. The difference is you will not need hot water, but you will need nearly an entire day to allow the coffee to allow the brewing to take place!

Our blend is created using an heirloom Ethiopian which brings forth notes of subtle fruits and chocolate, while hearty Colombian beans bring a smooth mouthfeel and hints of lime. The result is a full-bodied and refreshing cold brew that is sure to help you cool down on a hot summer day.

To make Cold Brew you are going to need some basic supplies and a bag of our Cold Brew Blend.


Supplies Needed

2 – Large Jars (Approx. 40 ounces)

1 – Paper Coffee Filter or Roll Cheesecloth (or both!)

4 oz Utopian Cold Brew Blend

  1. Grind coffee to a coarse sea-salt like consistency
  2. Pour ground coffee into a clean jar.
  3. Fill jar with approx. 32oz cold water (leave 3” clearance – coffee grounds will degas and will need sufficient room to expand).
  4. Allow to sit in refridgerator for 18-24 hours (keep covered).
  5. After allowing to brew, remove the jar from refrigerator and uncover.
  6. Use cheesecloth or a coffee filter to cover the lid of a new clear jar. Pour the cold brew over the filter and into the new container!
  7. Pour cold brew over ice and enjoy!

If the flavor is too strong, feel free to dilute with cold water, milk or a similar substance. This recipe will yield a bold but smooth beverage. We hope you enjoy this refreshing summertime blend as much as we do! 

*Cheesecloth will remove larger particles – the coffee filter will remove smaller particles giving you a cleaner taste, but this will also take much longer to filter than the cheesecloth. At Utopian Coffee, we suggest trying both and finding what works best for your setup! 

Brewing Tips: French Press

Landon Porter

The French press, or simply a press pot, is probably one of the most popular manual brewing methods. It’s a great way to highlight all that UTOPIAN coffee has to offer. I have some simple French press tips and tricks I use when brewing with the French press that I believe can elevate your gourmet coffee experience and I’d like to share them with you.

The “Before You Brew” French Press Tips:

1. Make sure you use the correct grind–the coffee particles should resemble breadcrumbs or coarse sea salt. If you find it difficult to plunge the plunger, then you need a coarser grind. If you follow all the normal brewing steps correctly but your coffee taste weak, then you may need a finer grind.

2. Preheat your press. Fill your press with hot water and then discard the water after a few seconds. This will help maintain a constant brew temperature which is important for delicious coffee.

3. Have a solid coffee-to-water ratio. I personally use 56 grams of coffee (about 8 Tablespoons of ground coffee) for the 8-cup French press. Adjust to your taste, but this should give you a starting point.

How-To-Brew French Press Tips:

1. Use water that is between 195 – 205 degrees. Water between these temps will do the best job at fully extracting the flavor. But be careful! Boiling water (at 212 degrees) will actually burn the coffee. I pull my water off the stove just as it’s about to boil and let it set for 30 seconds. That’s a good gauge if you don’t have a random thermometer laying around.

2. After adding your water to the coffee start your timer! You’ll probably notice that the coffee forms a dome at the top of your press. What I do is after 30 seconds I gently stir the grounds into the water with a large spoon. 4 – 5 gentle stirs should do the trick. This will help integrate all the coffee and water so you get an even brew. Gently set the plunger on top to seal in the heat and wait.

3. My total brew time is roughly 3 minutes and 45 seconds. After this time elapses I’ll take off the plunger and use my spoon to remove and discard as much of the grounds from the press pot as I can. Don’t spend too long doing this as the coffee is still brewing in a sense. Just take about 15 seconds scoop out the grounds that you can. After scooping, place the plunger back on top and plunge. I prefer not to brew over 4 minutes so if you finish right around that time you should be good.
This previous step is probably one of the most noticeable things you can do to enjoy the most from your fresh roasted coffee. By scooping the grounds out you won’t get as much coffee grit in your cup and this can make a huge difference! I know some people love a bit of the coffee grit in their cup so to each their own!

If any of these French press tips help you in your daily coffee ritual as you enjoy fresh roasted coffee–or if you have a question (or have your own French press tips)–please feel free to let us know via Twitter or Facebook.