The average American consumes over 3 cups of coffee a day. That’s a lot of used coffee grounds going down the drain! Here are a few uses for those leftover grinds:

  1. Steep grinds in hot water to dye fabrics or paper for an “antique” look.315x500_ac
  2. Use grinds on a damp rag to remove grease and grime from tools or dishware.
  3. If you have a scratch on a dark wood piece of furniture, take a cotton ball and soak it in steeped coffee grounds to cover up the mark.
  4. Hydrangea-Blue-BushTo create blue hydrangeas, work coffee grounds into the soil. The coffee will increase the acidity level and help the shrub to absorb aluminum, which will give you blue hydrangeas!
  5. Place leftover, dried grinds in the fridge to remove unpleasant odors. This can last up to two weeks!
  6. Leftover coffee will also attract cockroaches. Create a trap for them by putting a mound of coffee in the area where the pests are and put a sticky pad in front of the mound to trap them.
  7. Brunettes or redheads can use coffee grinds in a rinse to shine up their hair in the shower.
  8. Place grounds in a soap to exfoliate your skin. This will also work as a hand soap to remove odors like garlic or onion after cooking.
  9. Ants don’t like coffee, so put used coffee grounds around ant hills or openings in you home to deter them.
  10. Tossing coffee grinds in your compost helps to stabilize pH levels, which will breakdown food more quickly and keep the smell away.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA