1. The Aeropress coffee brewer is  the most unique and exciting method of manually brewing coffee

The Aeropress blends several methods of coffee-brewing together to create one simple unique experience. Like the French Press, the Aeropress utalizes the full immersion method of brewing. Basically, the coffee grounds are completely immersed in water for several minutes to extract flavor. This being said, the Aeropress not only acts like a full immersion brewer, but it also can reflect aspects of pourover brewing as well. When making a pourover gravity pulls water through the grounds to seperate the brewed coffee from the coffee grinds. Depending on the method used, the Aeropress can easily do this as well.

The beauty of the Aeropress is its ability to replicate so many diverse brewing methods and techniques while remaining completely distinctive. Depending on how the pieces are configured, you can completely control how you want the coffee to taste. For more body and depth, you could use the Inverse Method to extend brew times, or use the classic method to keep brews short and sweet.

To understand this in greater detail feel free to watch our Aeropress unboxing featuring Roaster Nick.

YouTube video

2. It Can Travel Everywhere!

Unlike the vast majority of other brewing devices, the Aeropress is made of BPA-Free Plastic. This means you don’t have to be terrified to take your favorite brewing device with you on your family camping trip. All the pieces are made of thick hearty plastic that can withstand some intense abuse.

Because of this, the Aeropress is the perfect brewer for those who want to brew delicious coffee on the go. Whether you’re going to the office or out to the woods for a weekend escape, the Aeropress is the to-go method for making awesome coffee.

Aeropress Upstairs Shot

3. Making Mouthwatering Coffee Is Simple

A lot of times the most difficult part about making coffee is just getting started. With the Aeropress the instructions are very simple, and few supplies outside of the basics(decent brewing water, fresh coffee, a timer) are needed. When you purchase an Aeropress, a coffee scoop is provided. This is meant to give you an idea of how much coffee to use for each brew. Unless you want to really dial in some new techniques and recipes, the supplies provided in the box will give you most of what you’ll need to brew awesome coffee.

Below are two super simple recipes we have used at Utopian. The first uses the classic “bottom-down” Aeropress method. This method is really quick and simple and gives you great coffee. The second uses the inverse method, which is a little more complex but still relatively simple. Try both methods out and see what you prefer! From there you can extend and shorten aspects of the brew to create entirely new flavors and techniques.


Keep It Simple Method (classic):

You’ll need an Aeropress Coffee Brewer, a timer, a coffee grinder, and a vessel to press coffee into (potentially a large mug)

17 grams coffee (about 1 Aeropress scoop)

205 degree water (let water boil and then sit for about a minute)

Grind size should look similar to table salt

  1. Rinse aeropress filter and pour out excess water
  2. Fill the brewer with the ground coffee – shake to level it out
  3. Place brewer on large mug or vessel
  4. Pour until you reach #2 -Stir vigorously and let sit for 30 seconds
  5. After 30 seconds, pour until you reach #4 – Stir vigorously and let sit until the timer reaches 1:30
  6. At 1:30 press down until all the coffee has left the brewer – total time should be around 2 minutes

For a stronger cup, use another half scoop of coffee!

The inverted method uses the plunger as the base, allowing one to pour coffee into the brewer through the top where the cap would normall be.

Inverted Method No.1 :

This method will use 17 grams coffee ground to a consistency similar to table salt. The water temperature should be anywhere from 200-205 degrees.

  1. Rinse aeropress filter and pour out excess water
  2. Place Aeropress “upside down” with the plunger at the #4 spot
  3. Fill with ground coffee – shake to level
  4. Pour until reaching #3 – Stir vigorously and let sit for 30 seconds
  5. After 30 seconds, [pour until the brewer is almost completely filled, leaving about a half inch before the top
  6. Stir vigorously again and let sit till 1:30
  7. At 1:30, very carefully place the mug on top of the Aeropress. In one quick motion, flip the Aeropress right-side up and begin to plug until finishing around 2 minutes