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Can I place a rush order?2022-03-07T11:05:12-05:00

Because we roast fresh to order, we generally do not have extra inventory on hand to fulfill a same day order. However, we never want to leave you in a pickle! If you need emergency coffee, let us know the minimum quantity of coffee you need to get by, and we will do what we can to expedite that portion of your order.

  • If you already placed the order, email or call customer and tell them so that they don’t place an additional order.
  • If your rushed order requires shipping, an additional fee will be charged to you separately via Quickbooks invoice. The invoice must be paid before your coffee is shipped. 
How do I cancel/ change an order?2022-03-07T09:55:00-05:00

Contact customer service to cancel or change an order that was placed within 24hrs. This has to be done manually by a Utopian Associate.

If your order has already shipped:

  • EITHER reject the delivery when your carrier attempts to drop off OR ask us to email you a return slip.
  • Print the emailed slip and affix it to the shipping box. Draw a large “X” over the original shipping label.
  • Ship the unwanted items back to the roastery, and we will process the refund when it is received.

*We can process refunds for unopened coffee within 14 business days of the initial shipment from the roastery to you. Exceptions apply for carrier delays*

What days do you roast wholesale orders?2022-03-07T09:57:26-05:00

We roast wholesale orders Tuesday through Friday. Because we roast to order, we generally cannot fulfill orders same day.

Roasting Schedule:
By Monday 7:30am – Shipped/Ready by Tuesday 4pm
By Tuesday 7:30am – Shipped/Ready by Wednesday 4pm
By Wednesday 7:30am – Shipped/Ready by Thursday 4pm
By Thursday 7:30am – Shipped/Ready by Friday 4pm

The cutoff for fulfillment before the weekend is 7:30 am on Thursdays. Orders places after the 7:30am cutoff will be available for pickup the following Tuesday at 4pm. 

What are local pickup hours?2022-03-07T10:01:20-05:00

Cafe/Vestibule Locker : Mon. thru Sat. 7am – 4pm (orders < 25 LBS)

Dock Street/Bay Pickup : Mon. thru Fri. 8am – 5pm Monday (orders > 25 LBS )

For dock pickup outside of listed hours, please email tj@nullutopiancoffee.com to verify that the bay door can be opened remotely before you arrive. Sunday hours are not available for either pickup locations.

Where/how can I find my local pickup order?2022-03-07T10:10:43-05:00

You will receive an email notification when your order is ready for pickup. This email will specify the pickup location.

If you know your order is ready but don’t have the email, the weight of your order will determine its location:

  • Orders 25 LBs and over will be at 117 Dock Street
  • Orders less than 25 LBs will be inside Utopian Coffee + Kitchen OR the pickup locker located between the Utopian Coffee + Kitchen and the Landing Beer Co.

If you haven’t been receiving these email notifications, check out our Add/Change Email Account Email FAQ and make sure the correct email is attached to the account.

When will my order be ready?2022-03-07T10:09:14-05:00

Roasting Schedule:
By Monday 7:30am – Shipped/Ready by Tuesday 4pm
By Tuesday 7:30am – Shipped/Ready by Wednesday 4pm
By Wednesday 7:30am – Shipped/Ready by Thursday 4pm
By Thursday 7:30am – Shipped/Ready by Friday 4pm

Orders placed after a day’s cutoff are considered next-day orders.

What are the 3 different local pickup locations?2022-03-07T10:13:57-05:00

117 Dock Street  | The Bay

  • Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm
  • Orders over 25 Lbs

This is the “street” behind the building. We are the only large bay/garage-like door on the street. Ring the bell and we will open the door for you. Your order will be inside the silver wholesale pickup cabinet.

Utopian Coffee + Kitchen  | The Cafe

  • Monday – Saturday 7am to 4pm
  • Orders less than 20 BLS

Pickup Locker | Located in the vestibule between Utopian Cafe and Landing Beer Co (can be accessed through either restaurant during operating hours)

  • Used for cafe pickup overflow – least likely location for your order
  • Orders less than 25 LBS

If you can’t find your order in any of the above locations, make sure your received an email notification that your order is ready. If you’ve received the confirmation email, but your order can’t be found, call 888.558.8674 or email service@nullutopiancoffee.com with your order confirmation number in hand.


Do you have any digital or print training resources?2022-03-07T11:04:56-05:00

CLICK HERE to download our most used collection of coffee resources from a variety of roasters and importers.

My coffee doesn’t taste right…2022-03-07T11:05:02-05:00

If your coffee isn’t tasting quite right, there are a couple possible causes: 

  1. Coffee ratio problem
  2. Calibration/grind size problem
  3. Water quality issue
    • Try brewing a batch with purified water and see if it tastes better! 
    • If using purified water solves the problem, consider changing your filter or calling a filtration professional in your area. This will not only make your coffee taste great, it will preserve the life of your equipment! 
  4. Equipment cleaning/maintenance needs
    • Refer to your equipment manual. If you don’t have them, search your make/model number online. The manual should list routine maintenance schedules to keep your machine healthy. It will also detail maintenance covered by the warranty. 
  5. Coffee age
    • Check the date stamp on your coffee bag
    • For whole bean coffee, peak quality is between 10 days to 7 weeks off roast
    • For ground coffee, use within 1 week of opening
  6. Grinder in need of cleaning
    • Purchase Grindz Tabs from our website to expertly clean your grinder
What kind of coffee should I order?2022-03-04T14:44:09-05:00

Great questions (and one that we get quite often).

If you aren’t sure what kind of coffee to order, send an email to our Head of Roasting and Sourcing, Nick Brehany, and he will help you choose the best coffee for your biz!

Can I buy the merchandise on your retail site to sell at my cafe?2022-03-07T10:19:02-05:00

We offer discounted case counts of the merchandise sold on our retail site to wholesale partners. If there is an item that you are interested in selling at your business, but it isn’t currently available on the wholesale site, send us an email and let us know!

Where can I find more information about the coffees?2022-03-04T14:44:42-05:00

There are several ways to learn more about the coffee you serve! You can…

  • Scan the QR code on the story card that came with the coffee. This will take you to the retail site’s product page. These pages have more extensive information about the coffee and the producer.
  • Check the Description Section on the 5 LB bag product page
  • Join us for a Public Coffee Cupping! We host monthly cuppings for the community, and they are by far the most delightful way to learn and retain the deeper details.
Can I get more story cards?2022-03-04T14:44:49-05:00

Yes! Next time you order, leave a message in Orders Notes, and we will include the story cards in your shipment.

Can I get ground 12oz 6-packs?2022-03-07T10:20:54-05:00

As a measure of quality assurance, we do not offer ground 6-packs. We recommend offering grinding services to your customers who want to purchase a 12oz retail bag to make sure they have a delicious, fresh home brewing experience.

How much coffee should I order?2022-03-07T10:24:02-05:00

While we cannot tell you the exact amount of pounds to order, we would recommend that, based on your average volume/seasonality, you should keep enough coffee on hand to last 1.5 to 2 weeks. For example, if it’s Monday, you should have enough inventory to last through Friday of the following week.

Pro Tip! Espresso tastes best and extracts most easily 2 weeks off of roast. 

Do you do custom blends/labels/packaging?2022-03-04T14:45:51-05:00

We do not offer design services in-house, but we are happy to connect you with an experienced graphic designer! Email service@nullutopiancoffee.com for details.

For a custom coffee blend/label in Utopian’s standard packaging, send a message to the same customer service email address. We do offer these services in house, but will need to hear a few more details about what you would like to achieve!

Why did prices recently change?2022-03-04T14:46:07-05:00

In accordance with industries world-wide, prices in the specialty coffee market have increased over the past year. While incongruent supply and demand have had the most significant impact on these changes, other factors predate these disruptions caused by the pandemic. Prior to 2020, coffee prices were unsustainably low. What we are experiencing now is the industry’s attempt to level-set for the past and present, thus creating more sustainability throughout.

The vast majority of coffee we purchase comes from direct partnerships, and is purchased prior to or during the harvest itself. The result is a cost structure that is more stable than what the general commodity market provides. In addition to more stable costs, this methodology ensures that everyone in the supply chain gets a fair shake in the value created by specialty coffee, from the authentic partnerships with farmers and organizations at origin, to our wholesale customers at home.

Equipment & Maintenance

Can you service my coffee brewing equipment?2022-03-07T11:18:36-05:00

Please complete the service request form below, and we can either connect you with a technician or quote you for service if we are certified to maintenance your machine. If you need emergency/same day service, we unfortunately cannot guarantee an available tech, but please feel free to complete the service form and we will do our best to get your serviced ASAP.

Do you offer training?2022-03-07T11:11:57-05:00

Our techs are certified on several popular machines, and we do offering introductory training for those specific models. We conduct in-person training for accounts within a 1.5 hr radius of the roastery and live video training for accounts outside of the service area.

For additional training opportunities, stay tuned for in-person and digital quarterly partner training events, which we hope to launch later this year.

Do you sell coffee equipment?2022-03-07T11:14:04-05:00

We do! Email service@nullutopiancoffee.com for details and pricing.

If your business is within our service area, we also offer installation and training. For accounts outside of our service radius, we will happily connect you with one of our trusted 3rd party vendors that will be able to service your equipment/cover warranty period.

    Do you have a question about coffee, brewing, cafes, equipment or anything else? Send us your question:


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