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Utopian x Bonaventure Coffee Project

Photo Credit : Cris Mendoza, Bonaventure Coffee

Bonaventure Coffee Project forges new, sustainable networks for coffee producers affected by the pandemic.

Last year, many roasting companies were affected by the fallout of COVID-19, forcing significant cancellations to purchase agreements with individual coffee producers that were, in turn, left with the majority of their coffee crop. Bonaventure Coffee Project was established to forge new relationships for Honduran coffee producers whose lots were going unsold due to these shifts.

Benjamin Paz, the founder of Bonaventure, connected us to producer Oscar Nunez. While we weren’t anticipating adding another coffee to our lineup, Nunez’s stunning 100% Cataui coffee had us quickly making space, this year and for seasons to come. Though Utopian has not sourced extensively from Honduras in the past, this single variety selection from Oscar marks the beginning of a new chapter in our Latin American sourcing program.

Honduras | Oscar Nunez

macadamia cookie & red grapes, satisfying



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You don’t have to choose between good coffee and making a meaningful purchase.

You deserve to know who is benefiting from your purchases. We work directly with farmers to purchase the beans we roast. They receive a fair price for their hard work and you receive ethically sourced, fresh-roasted coffee on your doorstep.

Burundi Producer 1
Milceades Minga

In-Person and Digital Coffee Cuppings

Togetherness isn’t as easy as it used to be. Let us create a truly memorable experience with an in-person or virtual coffee cupping (think “wine tasting” without the alcohol).
From coffee novice to budding expert, cuppings are a delightful, educational experience that will foster a new sense of appreciation for your everyday brew. Participants will sample an array of high-end coffees while getting a behind the scenes, industry expert rundown of each sample.
Cuppings can be held at our Coffee Lab, your office or event space, and, of course, digitally. Request a reservation below!
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Tour the Tastes of Peru

Explore Peru’s Diverse Coffeelands with 3 Limited Edition New Releases 

Milceades Minga Lot 1
Dried Apricot and Flowers, Gentle

Milceades Minga Lot 2
Forest Berries and Nutmeg, Playful

Peru Los Santos
Dark Fruits and Nougat, Balanced

or try all three…