A Guide to Coffee Review: Can you Trust their Scores?

A Guide to Coffee Review: Can you Trust their Scores? - Utopian Coffee

What is Coffee Review?

CoffeeReview.com is a renowned platform in the world of coffee evaluation, providing objective and insightful reviews of specialty coffees. 

Kenneth Davids, a veteran in the coffee industry, founded Coffee Review, which has earned the trust of both coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike.

In this blog post, we'll explore how Coffee Review evaluates the quality of specialty coffees, including its standards, methods, and significance.

  • What are Coffee Review’s Standards When it Comes to Specialty Coffee? 
  • How does Coffee Review Evaluate and Score Coffee?
  • Why is Coffee Review the Benchmark for Evaluating Specialty Coffee?

  • What are Coffee Review’s Standards when it Comes To Specialty Coffee? 

    Specialty coffee, accounting for around 10% of global coffee production, represents the highest level of craftsmanship. CoffeeReview.com distinguishes the top 1% of these specialty coffees, with ratings above 94 signifying exceptional quality. 

    Adam Walsh, a Roasting and Sourcing Manager at Utopian, roasted a coffee that achieved Coffee Review's highest rating to date: an impressive 98. This high score reflects the outstanding quality of the coffee and inspires our roasters to continuously refine their craft.

    Why is Coffee Review the Benchmark for Evaluating Specialty Coffee?

    It offers transparency and guidance for both roasters and consumers navigating the world of specialty coffee.

    How does Coffee Review Evaluate and Score Coffee?

    Coffee Review employs blind tastings and follows the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) standard, rating coffees on a 0-100 scale. This approach ensures impartial and accurate assessments of coffee flavor and aroma. 

    With Kenneth Davids' extensive industry experience, Coffee Review is recognized as a credible authority in coffee evaluation.

    Coffee Review assesses coffee quality based on various metrics, including: 

    • Aroma
    • Flavor
    • Acidity
    • Body
    • Cleanliness
    • Sweetness

    This comprehensive evaluation method provides a holistic view of each coffee's characteristics.

    Adam Walsh and Nick Berardi cupping coffee at Utopian Roastery

    Why do Coffee Review Scores Actually Matter? 

    For roasters, the journey with Coffee Review  can be a blend of anticipation and reflection. While every roaster cherishes their creations, the reality is that not every coffee will receive high scores on CoffeeReview.com. 

    It can be challenging to accept when a coffee doesn't perform well on Coffee Review. Master Roaster, Adam Walsh knows how it feels to submit a coffee and not get the score he predicted.:

     “We invest time, effort, and passion into our coffees, and they become like our babies. However, Coffee Review evaluates hundreds of coffees from diverse sources globally, and their expertise and perspective encompass a broader spectrum than ours,” says Adam.

    However, just because a coffee doesn't score high on CoffeeReview.com, it doesn't mean it's not good.” 

     According to Adam, good coffee also involves sustainability and meaningful partnerships with coffee producers. 

    “A positive relationship with a coffee producer reflects quality, regardless of the numerical score.”

    This perspective emphasizes that coffee quality is about more than just ratings. It involves ethical sourcing, sustainability, and cooperation within the coffee industry. 

    Is Coffee Review Essential for Discovering Great Coffee?

    We believe Coffee Review is essential for discovering great coffee, but it also depends on your personal taste. Coffee Review plays a big part in deciding the quality of specialty coffee. They test coffee fairly, follow industry rules, and share expert opinions, making coffee better for everyone.

    Our Roaster,  Adam, believes that Coffee Review is not the only way to measure quality coffee. “While CoffeeReview.com is useful, it's important to recognize that many different factors go into making "good coffee."

    Both roasters and coffee enthusiasts trust CoffeeReview.com to find outstanding coffees and learn what makes them special. If you'd like to try some of our coffees that have been reviewed by Coffee Review, click HERE.

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