Meet the Master Roasters Behind Utopian Coffee

Meet the Master Roasters Behind Utopian Coffee - Utopian Coffee

The Utopian Coffee experience is on the brink of transformation. With Nick and Adam at the helm of the coffee program, we're ready for a new chapter unfold—one that promises to elevate your specialty coffee experience in ways that push boundaries, explore uncharted territories, and innovate—all to bring you an experience that’s exceptional in every sip. 

Meet Nick Berardi, the 2022 U.S. Roaster Champion. His skill and artistry beautifully aligns with our relentless pursuit of exceptional coffee. His commitment to equitable relationships and sustainability mirrors our own values. Nick's barista and culinary experience play a significant role in curating coffee offerings. He isn’t just a bundle of talent; he's also a fun-loving guy with an infectious smile, making his addition to our team truly invaluable.

"Hi, I'm Nick, one of your new roasters at Utopian Coffee. What draws me deeper into the world of coffee everyday is what had me wanting to roll pasta with my pops once I could see over the counter: delicious stuff is great!! Being able to derive physical pleasure from eating-- one of those things kind of necessary for life like shelter or sleep -- has always just grabbed me, and is what got me into cooking fine dining back in my younger days. Cooking is a homage to the soil and the toil that keeps us fed. When I had my first great-great cup of coffee, it opened my eyes to the fact that coffee could fulfill that and so much more. In addition to the visceral thrill, coffee is one of the most complex agricultural products on our big blue ball, and pursuing how it can be manipulated by our hands fulfills another adventurous thirst. More than that, though, is the sense of being a contributor that I was instilled with very young; with coffee being a top-5 market commodity and sometimes #1 traded, the volume of impact we can have here at Utopian Coffee in supporting farmers can be pretty darn special. Spending my days drinking great coffee that is grounding and gratifying is pretty aces if you ask me."

Meet Adam, whose coffee achieved the highest score ever awarded by Coffee Review. His journey in sourcing, roasting, and advocating for excellence has set a benchmark in the industry. Adam’s dedication to extracting the nuanced flavors from every bean mirrors our mission at Utopian. His passion for working closely with farmers resonates deeply with us. He's a meticulous and passionate person with quirkiness to spare; you can catch him dancing by the roaster, all while maintaining a laser focus on the beans. We’re thrilled he is part of the team.

"Hi everyone, my name is Adam. I’ve been roasting, sourcing, competing, and educating within the specialty coffee industry for 12+ years now. I’m a licensed Q-Arabica grader and SCA certified barista

I’ve spent my career in the constant pursuit of excellence… Both in the final product but also in the quality and equitability of the relationships I’ve forged with Coffee growers and other industry professionals. Through the many years I’ve been in coffee I have always strived to do better, for the producers, for the consumers, and for  those I’ve had the privilege to help educate. 

I’m so full of excitement to be working with a company like Utopian Coffee- whose values so closely align with my own!"


When you walk into the roastery, their energy creates such a happy, infectious, and lively vibe. Nick and Adam are wonderful additions to our Utopian Coffee team and we can't wait for you to get to know them better! 



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