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Coffee: An Epicurean Journey from Bean to Cup

Ah, coffee—the culinary marvel that graces our mornings and delights our senses. But beyond being just a beverage, coffee is an epicurean expedition that begins long before it reaches your cup. As a chef, I invite you to savor the culinary odyssey of coffee, where beans are transformed into an artful symphony of flavors. Planting the Seeds of Flavor Like a master gardener tending to a prized herb garden, our coffee farmers sow the seeds of flavor with utmost care. The journey of coffee starts with nurturing the finest coffee trees—the backbone of extraordinary taste. These dedicated farmers fine-tune the...

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Chloe Mackay
Felix Mundaca - Utopian Coffee

Felix Mundaca

"My pride is in my land and being able to bring people here and show them this land and my work. "- Felix Mundaca Utopian Coffee is partnering with Felix for a second year! Felix's farm is situated in the Colasay district, Jaén province, Cajamarca region, of Peru. Getting to Colasay involves navigating treacherous switchbacks carved into the steep mountains for miles and miles. Once you finally reach the village of Colasay, there's an additional two-hour drive to reach the coffee-producing areas near the mountaintop. Our journey to Felix's farm was even more challenging as we had to drive until we reached the...

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